Recipient of the Utah Council on Victims of Crime 2017 Public Policy Award – State of Utah

Officer Boardman Awarded

The Public Policy Award honors those whose leadership, vision, and innovation have led to significant changes in public policies and practices that benefit crime victims. Justin is recognized for instituting innovative approaches, making extraordinary efforts, leading initiatives and reforms, and making extraordinary contributions that impact crime victims.

2015 Visionary Voice Award – National Sexual Violence Resource Center

The Visionary Voice Award is presented annually by the NSVRC in conjunction with Sexual Assault Awareness Month. The multidisciplinary group of honorees is selected for their outstanding work towards ending sexual violence.

2014 Distinguished Service Award

For the past three years, Detective Boardman has been assigned as a detective in the Investigations Section. The majority of his work is in sex crimes and domestic violence investigations. His contributions to the department in 2014 have been immeasurable. 

In February 2014 Detective Boardman was presented a SHERO award for outstanding service in sex crimes, domestic violence, and sex trafficking investigations. It was part of the One Billion Rising Event that was celebrated worldwide. He trains investigators throughout the state on a groundbreaking protocol Trauma Informed Victim Interview (TIVI) which improves how sexual assault investigations are investigated and prosecuted. 

Detective Boardman has pushed positive change in the way sexual assault and domestic violence is investigated in WVCPD specifically. Now all rape kits are processed as part of our standard protocol, and the TIVI protocol he spear-headed above was adopted by Chief Russo, inspiring Brigham Young University (BYU) to conduct a study of our processes. The results will provide guidance to departments nationwide in the years to come. 

Detective Boardman epitomizes the essence of what police work is about and justifiably deserves the Distinguished Service award.

2014 SHERO Award – 1 Billion Rising

Detective Justin Boardman from West Valley City Police Department is being honored for working tirelessly to collaborate and bring together best practices in processing violent crimes against women and creating a model program for the entire state.  

2010 Life Saving Award

On September 17, 2010, Detective Boardman was off duty and with his family having dinner in a restaurant in Murray. Justin noticed a child seated in a high chair near him and witnessed the child go limp. The father of the child tried to help her, but Justin saw that he was unsuccessful. 

Detective Boardman took the child from the father and attempted, without success, to clear her obstructed airway with several back blows. Thinking clearly, with an unconscious, purple, breathless child in his arms, decided to try and clear her airway with abdominal thrusts. He gave her three thrusts and he heard a brief cry. Justin tilted her head to the side and asked the child’s father to check her mouth. The father put his finger in her mouth and the child bit down on his finger. Justin then gave her a sternum rub and she began to cry. As the child cried, her color came back. Murray Fire responded and transported the child to Primary Children’s Hospital. 

This is so characteristic of Justin to readily jump in and help someone in need whether on duty or off. He truly saved the life of this little girl

2010 Investigator of the Year Award

It takes a special type of person to work child sexual abuse cases day in and day out– and not only work these cases, but he invested is making sure every child victim has a voice in the criminal justice system. Our Detective of the Year for 2010, Justin Boardman, is that person. 

“Detective Boardman is unmatched in his motivation and dedication to investigating child abuse cases and it is clearly evident in his quality of work, case preparations, and team support,” reports Jody Fait of the Children’s Justice Center. Jeff Langworthy adds “We are extremely grateful for Detective Boardman’s commitment to child victims and their families. He has been an invaluable resource for use and should be commended for all of his efforts. 

Good working relationships with outside agencies is essential. “Det. Boardman has been a great asset to the District Attorney’s Office Special Victim Unit (SVU),” says Krystal Haslett. “We understand that Det. Boardman has a heavy caseload, but when we asked for a follow-up, he puts a smile on his face and gets it done.” She added, “Det. Boardman is very passionate about his cases and is always willing to go the extra mile.” 

Detective Boardman has shown a keen interest in improving communication between agencies. Members of the CJC multi-disciplinary team speak highly of him and have come to rely on his thoroughness and attention to detail. Michelle Alonzo of the CJC says “West Valley City is lucky to have a dedicated, good-hearted person like Justin working for their city, and serving their community.”

2009 Lifesaving Award 

On September 7, 2009, Office Boardman responded with the Fire Department on a report of an apartment fire. Fire personnel arrived and found an apartment filled with smoke. Firefighters checked inside for occupants and did not locate anyone. After Fire cleared the apartment of smoke and they were making preparations to secure the apartment, Officer Boardman made one more check of the apartment to ensure that no one was inside. 

Inside the bathroom, he located a 77-year-old male gasping for air and sweating profusely. Medical personnel immediately started lifesaving procedures and removed the man from the apartment. Fire personnel believed the man became disoriented because of the fire, hid in the bathroom to avoid the smoke, and then became trapped. They also said that because of Office Boardman’s extra efforts to search the apartment one more time, he more than likely saved this man’s life.   

2007 Meritorious Service Award

On February 12, 2007, Salt Lake City Police Department called for assistance on an active shooter at Trolley Square. Sergeant Jeff Conger and Officer Justin Boardman responded to the call for assistance and were one of the first of several officers arriving at an extremely stressful situation where both officers took an active part in containing the crime scene and/or making entry into the mall to search for the shooter. Their quick response and willingness to do whatever was needed at the scene is to be commended. 

2006 Life Saving Award 

On February 12, 2006, Officer Boardman was dispatched on a full arrest. When he arrived, the victim female was lying on the bathroom floor, had stopped breathing and had no pulse. Officer Boardman performed CPR until fire personnel arrived to relieve him. The victim was revived and taken to the hospital in a conscious and responsive condition. 

2005 Police Star Award

On March 27, 2005, Office Justin Boardman, Office Reggie Johnson, Office Jason Holmberg, and Officer Doug Darton responded to a domestic violence call where it had been reported that the suspect had stabbed the victim and the extent of her injuries not known. As they approached the house they heard the victim screaming “DON’T” over and over, giving them the distinct impression that immediate action was necessary. 

The officers entered the house to find the suspect kneeling over his wife pinning her to the floor, with a butcher knife in his hand poised to plunge it into her. At gunpoint, the officers ordered the man to drop the knife, which he did. However, when the officers attempted to place the man in handcuffs, he resisted. The officers worked as a team to take him safely into custody. 

The suspect’s actions made it justifiable for the officers to use deadly force in order to prevent him from killing his wife. However, using good judgment, tactics, and teamwork, they were able to take the man into custody while still protecting themselves and the female victim. Due to their bravery, Officer Justin Boardman, Officer Reggie Johnson, Officer Jason Holmberg, and Officer Doug Darton are being awarded the Police Star.

2005 Meritorious Service Award

On January 3, 2005, a woman was doing volunteer work at the Granger Community Christian Church when she was robbed and stabbed by an unknown assailant. 

Officer Gatrell, Officer Moriarty, Officer Cowley, Officer Boardman, and Officer Venditti arrived on scene shortly after the call was dispatched and rendered aid to the victim while beginning to investigate the incident and process the scene for evidence. 

The investigation was assigned to Detective Troy Johnson under the direction of Captain Steve Sandquist. Working diligently on the case, the detectives were able to obtain information regarding the perpetrator, recover the victim’s vehicle, which had been taken by the suspect, and, eight days later, served a search warrant on the suspect’s residence and arrested the suspect. 

The excellent teamwork of these officers and detectives took a dangerous felon off the streets. 

2005 Meritorious Service Award

On January 2, 2005, Officer Justin Boardman, Office Todd Gray, and Officer Chris Dowland and Detective Corie Hamilton responded on a murder-suicide which had just occurred. 

A woman had gone to her ex-husband’s home in order to take some food to their seventeen-year-old son who had been ill. She had three of their other children with her in the van. According to the children, their parents got into an argument and their father shot their mother and then himself. 

All the officers involved showed great professionalism and caring in dealing with the children, who had witnessed this horrible crime. 

Due to their caring and professionalism, Officer Justin Boardman, Officer Todd Gray, Officer Chris Dowland, and Detective Corie Hamilton are being awarded the Meritorious Service Award. 

2004 Life Saving Award 

On March 18, 2004, Officer Justin Boardman was off duty working a part-time job at West Lake Jr. High School. A female adult carrying a five-month-old child approached him. She was frantic and it was readily apparent the child was not breathing and was turning blue. Officer Boardman began life-saving actions, including CPR. The child expelled a quantity of water and began to breathe. Medical help arrived and stabilized the child. The child was life-flighted to Primary Children’s Hospital where the child fully recovered. The medical staff at the hospital advised that if not for Officer Boardman’s action, the outcome would have been different as this was a near drowning.