I wanted to let you know that the recent  Criminal Justice Conference, was AMAZING!  We had a somewhat similar one years ago presented by folks from Oregon, but the majority of those law enforcement have retired or are no longer in the SVU’s.  As always, I wish more of our folks had attended for Justin Boardman really connected with his audience.  With that said, one of our city investigators, who attended the training, has already arranged for and interviewed two victims, with whom our agency had no prior contact, at our main office.  The investigator made special note that he preferred a more intimate, more relaxing room to work (as opposed to our small conference room) and requested our advocate support the victim through the process.  Of course, we readily provided him with both a cheerfully decorated therapist’s office, with seating so the victim could readily exit if desired, and with our compassionate, sexual assault victim advocate.

 Additionally, the investigator informed us he is already working on his supervisors to find funding for an interview room designed as Retired Detective Boardman recommended.

Workshop ParticipantCriminal Justice Conference 2019
South Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault (SCCADVASA)


“Believing is not about taking sides. It is about being educated and trained to know and understand the viewpoint of the perpetrator and the sexual assault survivor. Detective Justin Boardman approached me with respect, belief, and compassion as he listened to details of my sexual assault. When you have dignity and grace ripped from your soul, the last thing you need is police officers who do not know or understand how to charge a perpetrator. My life as a sexual assault survivor continues because of the support and care of Justin Boardman. He directed me to the resources and tools I needed to pick up the shattered pieces and move forward. There are not many like him! If you are considering educating yourself and others on this subject matter, he is who you should contact. He is the reason I survived and he is making a difference in the life of emergency responders and sexual assault survivors alike. His care and compassion go beyond. I am honored to know him and grateful to have him walking me through the ever-exhausting legal system. Justice comes in many forms and although I may never find it in the courtroom, I have found it in my own life.”

Sexual Assault Survivor 2018


“I appreciate the realistic and practical information relevant to rapport-building with law enforcement and securing buy-in by demonstrating to law enforcement how trauma-informed principles impact not only victim-survivors but law enforcement professionals as well.”

Workshop Participant
2017 National Institute for SART Leaders – Sexual Violence Justice Institute, MNCASA