Leah Lutz & Justin Boardman
Training & Consulting


What We Do

Topics & Service Areas

Can be tailored into day-long or multi-day trainings, workshops, keynotes, or plenaries

  • Development of trauma-informed framework
  • Facilitated assessment sessions, strategic planning, webinars, on-site trainings
  • Development of an improvement plan in partnership with local jurisdictions
  • Criminal legal response assessment; agency audits
  • Case file reviews
  • Evaluation of victim/survivor experience
  • Policy and protocol review and recommendations for changes
  • Promotion of multi-disciplinary, trauma-informed victim interviews

Outcomes & Results

Based on past partnerships and services provided to law enforcement agencies, attorneys, victim advocates, and other like-minded agencies

  • Enhanced procedural justice
  • New policies and protocols
  • Improved everyday response for law enforcement, prosecution, advocacy, and healthcare professionals
  • Concrete plans, documentation, strategies, and action steps to follow
  • Higher quality of service and response
  • Increase in reporting and prosecution rates
  • Improved victim experience with all responding agencies

meet us

About the Multi-Disciplinary Team of Leah & Justin

Detective Justin Boardman (Ret.) is a nationally and internationally recognized expert on trauma-informed protocols, specializing in trauma-informed investigative processes that are used in the law enforcement and criminal justice systems. Detective Boardman spent 15 years with the West Valley City Police Department in Utah, with seven of those years spent assigned to the Special Victims Unit. He co-authored a Trauma-Informed Victim Interview protocol for adult victims of trauma.

Leah Lutz is a nationally recognized expert on sexual violence, specializing in guiding systemic change by building and facilitating multi-agency/multi-disciplinary collaborations. She has spent the last two decades working with local and national agencies, creating processes and protocols to improve response to sexual and domestic violence victims/survivors while bridging relationships between advocates, medical professionals, law enforcement, prosecution, and community partners.

Funding Opportunities Are Available

Contact us to explore local, state, and federal funding opportunities to work together.