Attention, McPherson County Registered Voters: C.H., a 15-year-old rape survivor, is fighting to have his voice heard. The County Attorney’s Office refuses to charge the case as a rape, stating “people on the jury may not look at it as rape because he’s a boy.” Rape is rape, regardless of gender: help C.H. get justice by signing his petition calling on the McPherson County Court to convene a grand jury that will investigate and charge his case appropriately as a rape.

How YOU can help: If you are a registered voter in McPherson County, you can sign C.H.’s petition. Fill out the contact form below to make arrangements with C.H.’s team. We need to reach 350 to file, and are so close to our goal. Get in touch by contacting Lori Wilson at 785-577-4323 or using the form below, and we’ll drive the petition to you (following covid-safe protocols).

**If you are not a registered voter in McPherson but would like to help, please share Justice for C.H. to your networks or send C.H. a letter of support through our main page. Thank you!**